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How We Got Started

We at The Bottom Feeders have a love for tropical fish and Aqua Scape just like you & we now take great pleasure to introduce you to our revolutionary Aqua Scape Experience for your Aquarium. Please trust that The Bottom Feeder Aquarium Services will always provide you with the best advice & skill to improve & maintain your aquarium, My Business partner and myself have over 20 years experience in tropical fish and 10 years experience in Aqua Scape. We love what we do and we hope you will too.

I know there are many services around Melbourne like ours, But we PRIDE ourselves on giving the BEST advice and the BEST service at the Best prices in Melbourne, We understand that maintaining an Aquarium can be a costly experience so we will always try to find the best price to suit your Aquarium needs 

Our advice is free, so any questions please feel free to email us or call us any time.





​                                                        THE BOTTOM FEEDERS AQUARIUM 

  • Tank Removal & Installations

  • Tank pick up & Deliveries from stores to  your home or business

  • Aqua Scape

  • General up keep of your Aquarium

  • Water Treatments

  • Aquarium Glass Repair & Reseal-T&C's Apply

For Fees, Terms & Conditions please feel free to inbox us at any time.


Sincerely The Bottom Feeders Aquarium 

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